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ADHD Program - What You Need to Know

First Class Driving School is the First and only Driving School in Louisiana to have ALL of our Instructors Behind the Wheel WITH ADHD Certified.

Behind the Wheel WITH ADHD is a program designed for professionals to use with their driving students who are struggling with developing necessary skills to drive competently and safely due to deficits in their executive functioning skills. There is no other program like this currently available to address the special risks associated with ADHD and driving.

Course includes:

  • Executive functioning skills of the brain
  • Background knowledge about the connection between the brain and behavior that specifically impacts driving skill: Impulsivity; Distractibility; Inattention
  • How and why to use effective external tools to compensate for what ADHD and other challenged students cannot do themselves
  • The maturational lag common in ADHD teens and how this lag directly impacts driving performance
  • ADHD teens need a longer training phase; we provide a recommended GDL for instructors to share with parents and create an awareness for the need for extra time before license
  • Impaired Behaviors and how they mimic DUI: important information to empower the new teen driver to handle situations where police may stop them due to driving behaviors caused by their ADHD.
  • Impact of stimulant medications on ADHD drivers; how missing a dose can impact driving skill and recommendations for dealing with this matter with parents
  • Information on the newest technology available for mitigating risks associated with texting and cell phone use and other factors that contribute to distracted driving


All vehicles and facilities are equipped with audio/video recording devices
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